THE ABS COMPANY Ab Solo - regeneriert

The refurbished equipment is in ideal technical and visual condition. It is 100% efficient to work in the gym. The equipment is dismembered, should any parts be worn or faulty, they are replaced by the new ones (e.g. bearings, batteries, belts, planks, cables etc.), however, the electronics and motors are regenerated. The frame is freshly coated with a paint in the colour indicated by a client, the plastic parts are replaced as well. The equipment refurbished by our team does not differ much from the new one, however, it is 70% cheaper. The order pending time is from 2-4 weeks - depending on the size of the order.

The Abs Company Ab solo training machine - refurbished:

  • comfortable and adjustable seat
  • stable structure
  • adjustable footrest
  • small size - ideal for fitness club.

To discuss the regeneration details contact us.

L x B x H
274 x 61 x 213 cm
160 kg
6 Monate